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What happens if I play an Action Card as the last card in a TAKI run?

The action has to be carried out.

What happens to Action Cards that are not last in a TAKI run?

The actions are cancelled.


When it’s my turn, can I play a TAKI of any one color and follow it with a different colored TAKI?

No! A player who discards a TAKI of a particular color can only follow it with cards of the same color as the TAKI.


If the player before me plays a TAKI card and does not follow with other cards, may I follow it with all my cards of the same color as the TAKI?

Yes. You cannot close a TAKI card on the top of the pile. A TAKI card on top of the pile is always an “Open TAKI”. The next player can use it to discard all their cards that are the same color as the TAKI or they can place a different colored TAKI on top of it and follow it with all their cards of that color.


If the player before me didn’t declare “Closed TAKI” and I played all my cards of the same color on top of it, do I still have to say “Closed TAKI” at the end of my turn in order to close it?

Sure. As long as the TAKI has not been closed, it remains open.


Can I play a Change Color at the end of a TAKI run?

Yes, but the player who used it cannot continue to play the new color on it.


Can I play a Super-TAKI on top of a particular color and then change its color to a different one?

No. The Super-TAKI card does not change color but functions as a TAKI card that automatically receives the color at the top of the discard pile.


Can I play a Super-TAKI card at the end of a TAKI run and then continue another TAKI series in a different color?

No. If you play a Super-TAKI at the end of the run it will automatically receive the color of that run, so in practice it’s a waste of a Super-TAKI.


Can I end the game with a King card as a last card?

Yes. The King card allows but does not compel you to play another turn (unlike the + card).


If I play the King card and play a Super-TAKI on top of it, can I choose the color of the TAKI?

Yes! As the King cancels everything in the discard pile, including the leading color, after playing it there is in practice no leading color and therefore this is the only case in which you can choose the color of the Super-TAKI.


Can I cancel a +3 command using the King card?

No. Only the +3 Breaker can cancel the +3, but if the next player has a King, he can protect himself only and avoids taking 3 cards.



Can I play a + card only and take a card from the deck?

Sure! The + card forces the person who played it to play again. If the player can’t or doesn’t want to play they must draw a card from the deck.


If I play two + cards do I get another turn?

Yes. After every + card you get another turn.


If I close a TAKI run with a + card, do I get another turn?

Yes. An Action Card that ends a TAKI run is valid and the action has to be carried out. If you close with a + card you get another turn.


Can I end with a + card as a last card?

No! Because you have to play another turn, and as you don’t have another card to play you have to draw from the pile and you don’t win just yet.


Whose turn is it after a +2 battle ends and someone has drawn cards from the draw pile?

The player sitting after the one who drew the cards.


Do I win if I play +2 as a last card?

Not necessarily. A basic rule in TAKI is that the action has to be carried out even if it is on a card that was played as a last card. So you need to make sure that you have not been “punished” back before you are declared the winner, because if all the other players have a +2 card to place on yours, when your turn arrives you will have to either play a +2 or draw cards, and as you don’t have any cards you will have to draw cards and the game will continue.‎ ‎


Can I play +3 on top of +2 in order to avoid punishment?

Yes, but then the other players won’t have to take 3 cards and also, if they play the +3 Breaker card on top of it, you will be punished and will be forced to take all the punishment cards from the deck for the +2 run (including the three cards for the +3).


If I have both cards: +3 and +3 Breaker, can I discard both of them together and avoid taking 3 cards?



What is the leading color after using +3 cards?

The color of the first card beneath them.


Can I “hide” +3 and +3 Breaker cards in a TAKI run?



When there are only two players, what happens when I play a Change Direction card?

The Change Direction card doesn’t affect the course of the game with two players and it functions as a regular card. It doesn’t give an extra turn to the player who uses it.


How many cards must someone who forgot to say “Last Card” take from the draw pile?

A player who failed to announce their last card and is caught before the next player has played their turn must take four cards from the draw pile .

Do I have to announce a last card if you play all your cards using a TAKI card?

No! Because all the cards are discarded in one turn and you only have to announce “Last Card” at the end of a turn.

Do I have to announce a last card if you play a +card and follow it with the last card?

Yes! Because when you play a + card your turn ends and the next card is already in the next turn. Between the turns, you remain with one card.

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